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Live  more 
cook  less

Gourmade was founded in 2015 by Jo Devenish who was asked to make larger batches of her wholesome meals for friends and family. The business began trading as ‘Love Food’ and the Devenish family spotted an opportunity in the market for premium frozen ready meals.

In September 2017 the name changed to ‘Gourmade’ and the business moved from a home-kitchen based activity to supplying retail sites across the South of England. The small family run company based in Chichester started supplying Nisa, Spar and Amazon Fresh. Due to popular demand the ‘Gourmade’ range expanded and began offering a range of mains including (classics, pastas, curries and world foods) in addition to sides and desserts.

The ‘Gourmade’ philosophy has been to produce home-cooked flavour meals with valuable nutrients using the best possible ingredients, ensuring there are no preservative nasties and creating the best possible taste. The range now contains 24 products that are available in 1 and 2 person portions.

To sustain growing demand ‘Gourmade’ needed a logistics partner to store, pick and deliver the delicious meals and in January 2020 partnered with family business ‘Hunts Food Group’. ‘Hunts’ carried out the logistics until October 2021 when they purchased the brand from the Devenish family. Jo and husband Glenn wanted to sell to a family business that maintained the companies name, growth, team and philosophy. 

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The brand still upholds Jo’s original vision to produce premium frozen ready meals and encourages the customer base to ‘LIVE MORE’ and ‘COOK LESS’.

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